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Global crisis in agriculture and food

S7B8182_CElevitchAMonthly Review, July-August 2009, Vol 61, Number 3

This issue of Monthly Review (available free online) has a series of penetrating articles on the global crisis in agriculture and food. If you want to understand the international context for our current food and agro-industry problems, these articles will give you valuable insight into the big picture. Some of the article titles and authors are:

  • An Overview of the Food and Agriculture Crisis, by Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar
  • Food Wars, by Walden Bellow and Mara Baviera
  • The World Food Crisis in Historical Perspective, by Philip McMichael
  • Free Trade in Agriculture: A Bad Idea Whose Time is Done, by Sophia Murphy
  • Reducing Energy Inputs in the Agricultural Production System, by David Pimentel
  • Agroecology, Small Farms, and Food Sovereignty, by Miguel A. Altieri
  • Fixing our Global Food System: Food Sovereignty and Redistributive Land Reform, by Peter Rosset

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