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New Citrus and Avocado Posters

MG_3443_CElevitchBKen Love and www.Hawaiifruit.net have released two new posters featuring Big Island grown citrus and avocados. Each poster took over 2 years to complete. The avocado poster shows show's 118 varieties and promising seedlings. The citrus poster shows many of the varieties grown on the island including 23 types of tangerines, 23 types of oranges and 14 types of pummelo as well as various hybrids. The avocado poster, funded by the County of Hawaii office of Research and Development, and other Big Island Tropical fruit posters produced by Love can be seen on http://www.hawaiifruit.net/indexposter.html

Sales from the avocado and other posters help to fund the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers-West Hawaii programs.

More information on HTFG

The new posters can be purchased at a number of Big Island stores and Keauhou Farmers Market or purchased from www.Localharvest.org.

Buy the Avocado Poster

Buy Citrus Poster


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