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Creative Agroforestry Workshops

Creative Agroforestry Workshop logo 360pxWorkshops: "Creative Agroforestry for food-producing home, farm, and community landscapes"

Kahului, Maui, June 12–13, 2015
Captain Cook, Kona, June 20–21, 2015
Waipahu, O'ahu, June 27–28, 2015

More information, agendas, and registration www.agroforest.info

The last three weekends in June, Agroforestry Net and Hawaii Homegrown Food Network are collaborating with local partners on Maui (June 12-13), Kona (June 20-21), and O'ahu (June 27-28) to present a series of workshops about agroforestry.

These interactive workshops will show participants how to grow long-term plantings that can provide abundant food at home, on farms and ranches, and in community landscapes. Such agroforestry landscapes also exemplify the culture and iconic beauty of Hawai'i.

"Creative Agroforestry for food-producing home, farm, and community landscapes" brings together agroforestry expertise from around Hawai'i to enhance participants' skills in establishing and maintaining customized agroforestry practices from small- to large-scale.

Additionally, the workshops will show participants how to use local materials to enhance soil function (rather than purchasing imported fertilizers) and how to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides. USDA NRCS assistance programs applicable to agroforestry will also be explained.

Each workshop includes a day of presentations by eight speakers, followed by a day of field tours of exemplary agroforestry sites.

Agroforestry Landscapes cover 200pxThe workshops are for farmers, landscapers, agricultural professionals, foresters, ranchers, homeowners, agricultural extension, community planners, and everyone working with sustainable agriculture, urban beautification, natural resource conservation, and human nutrition.

Workshop participants will receive a copy of the new 320-page book Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands: Creating abundant and resilient food systems edited by Craig Elevitch, due in print July 2015 (a $60 value).

Early registration deadlines are June 6 (Maui) and June 13 (Kona and O’ahu). For more information about the workshops or to register, visit www.agroforest.info.

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This project is being carried out in collaboration by Agroforestry Net and Hawai‘i Homegrown Food Network with sponsorship of the USDA Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.

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