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Stop Imported Bananas to Hawai'i: Comments due March 31st

Ken Love of the Hawai'i Tropical Fruit Growers Association writes:  "Once again the federal government is trying to do it to us!
"The importation of bananas from the Philippines directly into Hawaii can seriously jeopardize numerous growers and certainly prevent growth of the banana industry in Hawai'i. Regardless of possible bacteria and other pests, the importation continues to build on the destruction of small family farms selling bananas throughout the state. Its bad enough  we have to import tons and tons of bananas from Ecuador but adding these would ruin almost all chances for building a viable banana industry in Hawai'i. The state should be charging a hefty inspection fee on the imports  we already have in order to prevent possible contaminations. I urge you to comment on this and make vocal your objections to this proposed rule."
For links to the primary documents supporting the proposed rule, and for space to make comments, see

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