Teeny Tiny Laupahoehoe Farmers Market

Written by Sonia R Martinez on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:44.

Laupahoehoe-P1017592Laupahoehoe farmers market.The Laupahoehoe Farmers Market started in September of 2009 with two enterprising women setting up a tent and selling their harvest and that of their neighbors. They persevered for several weeks until another vendor, and then another, started setting up Sunday after Sunday.


Locally Grown Skin Care Products by Second Skin Naturals

Written by Craig Elevitch and Ken Love on Friday, 27 December 2013 00:00.

SSN 009Raven C.J. Liddle of Second Skin Naturals in Moloa'a, Kaua'i, harvesting ingredients for her line of skin care products.Second Skin Naturals™ produces beauty and skin care products, including its flagship Hawaiian Jungle Shield Spray, salves, scrubs, masks and rejuvenators, all made from certified organic and locally grown ingredients. The company’s founder Raven C.J. Liddle created the company out of her personal search for high-quality skin products, finding that the market did not supply what she was seeking.


Hawai'i Island Goat Dairy

Written by Sonia R.Martinez on Thursday, 26 December 2013 11:36.

HIGoatFarmCheesecave2Hawai'i Island Goat Farm cheeses.The Hawai'i Island Goat Dairy is a small goat farm and dairy that produces all handmade "Farmstead Goat Cheeses" the old fashioned way.

The farm is located in Ahualoa, above the Honoka'a area at about 1800 feet elevation, nestled into the flanks of Mauna Kea on a beautiful 10-acre property that was at one time a macadamia nut tree farm. The macnuts trees are still there but are not harvested commercially.


Grow Grubs! Farming Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Written by Rachel Laderman on Thursday, 21 November 2013 13:03.

soldierflybinBlack soldier fly bin outside of chicken area.The self-harvesting, antibiotic-excreting, protein-rich larvae of a beneficial insect could be the answer to cutting our dependence on imported animal feed.

Every time a new guest visits our chicken area, they ask about the big orange and purple bin with tubes hanging out the back. “That,” I say proudly, “is our black soldier fly larvarium. Want to see inside?”


Harvest! Puna Makai Locavore Store

Written by Sonia R. Martinez on Thursday, 21 November 2013 11:52.

Locavore-store1Harvest! Puna Makai Locavore Store.There is a new storefront on the boardwalk in Old Pahoa Town. You can find it tucked in between Paolo's Italian Restaurant and Mike's Pizza, almost right across the street from Luquin's Mexican Restaurant. Harvest! Puna Makai Locavore Store opened in early August. It had been doing business for the last 13 months out of a small fruit stand in an outdoor market space just two doors from the present location.